Was your passport recently changed?

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Europe 2007

As all of you probably know, we almost missed last years flight to Europe when we showed up to the airport and they asked for our tickets that they “mailed” to us. Since i never received them we had a huge problem on our hands. After a few hours of yelling and begging we made it on our flight with less than a minute to spare. Would you say that this could have been the most stressful flight experience we would ever go through? If you answered “Yes”, you are wrong! “Was the name on your passport recently changed?” asked the friendly agent? Lauren and I looked at each other with a bit of nervousness as thoughts of our last fiasco entered our minds. “No” we said, she is Lauren Shulman”. Thats when the agent alerted us that the reservation had the last name Schneiderman for both of our tickets. We asked if this would be a problem or could they change it. Her response of “Wow this is very bad” almost brought Lauren to tears. Not to mention my heart rate up to 180 instantly. As only airline employees are capable of doing, they made us suffer in agony for the next hour and a half until they miraculously were able to change the name on the ticket….again, at the very last possible second. Needless to say, running through the airport at top speeds is no way to begin a relaxing vacation! But, alas, we made it on the plane. When I calmed down enough to actually begin speaking to Jeremy halfway through the flight, it was actually a very relaxing, seemingly short flight. No other catastrophic events ensued (as of yet)….We spent the next 24 hours in Rome, eating and catching up on sleep. We rushed about the city, trying to see as much as we could in a short amount of time. We boarded the ship today and are looking forward to our first port of call tomorrow….Florence, Italy. Ciao!

Forgot to mention – Our first Italian Meal. This was our appetizer.

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