The Rough Life…

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Europe 2007

Looking Sharp!

On our way to dinner! We have eaten at Nobu 3 times so far and just can’t get enough! It is delicious!! Dinners in the dining room are amazing as well including caviar, lots of shrimp, lobster and crab…, filet, escargot, ….you name it, we’ve probably eaten it! Oh!! There’s the door! Our room service midnight snack has arrived. Must go eat, it’s already been 4 hours since our last meal!

City of Taormina Sicily

A couple of days ago we were in port in Taormina. It was 40 degrees celcius which translates to about 137 degrees fahrenheit. No, seriously it was about 98 with 70 percent humidity = brutal. It is beautiful there as you can see in the picture, but it was just too damn hot to enjoy it fully. But, we tried. Had some yummy pizza and did a little shopping. A day at sea followed in which we engaged in some serious tanning, intense scrabble battles and some fabulous massages! On to Corfu, Greece!

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