Our day in Corfu Greece

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Europe 2007

Glyfada Beach in Corfu

We had all intentions of renting a scooter on this Greek island and exploring on our own, but the taxi drivers talked us out of it. Good thing, it would have ended in disaster. Not the easiest town to drive to the beach in. So we cabbed it and spent the day here. It was nice….not too hot, the water a little cold, surprisingly. Jeremy saw a couple sets of boobs. All in all, a good day. We had a nice few hours catching some rays, then headed back to town .
Old Downtown Corfu
We got a recommendation for a good local greek restaurant and dug in to some yummy Greek cuisine. After a lunch of Greek salad, Mousaka and Pastitsada…we walked around for a short while then headed back to the ship. We did a lot of work today with all of our schlepping around the island, that we felt we needed a little break back at the ships pool. No waiters bringing us drinks on the beach….can you believe it????

We are hoping we are not the only people the casino sent a bottle of wine!!

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