Copenhagen, Denmark



So we spent the day in Copenhagen on Sunday. This picture was taken in an area called Nyhaven which is basically 2 pedestrian streets with a canal running in between. Lots of little restaurants and bars are here. Jeremy went into a little bakery and ordered a chocolate danish…, apparently they don’t call them that here and the girl did not look too happy with him. After spending the morning exploring on our own, we joined our tour and headed to see some sights.

Amalienbrg Palace

(Amalienborg Palace)

This is the summer residence of the Queen (Margaret?). She was not here at the time, apparently she is married to a French man and they were spending some time at their vineyards in France. Anyhoo….we didn’t go in of course, but just walked around outside of it. It was another beautiful day, probably 80 degrees.


Rosenborg Castle

(Rosenborg Castle)

Our next stop on the tour was Rosenborg Castle, where we entered the treasury to view the crown jewels. Nothing special, I could’ve just opened my jewelry box at home and seen the same things…..NOT!  It was quite impressive although nothing was labeled so you weren’t exactly sure what you were looking at. 

Crown Jewels

(Crown Jewels)

This one I could figure out….emeralds!

Queen Lauren

(Queen Lauren)

I happen to think I look fabulous in a crown! (Although the tour guide was laughing at us because this is apparently the kings crown…oops). 


(Copenhagen Icebar)

And now for the highlight of our tour….The Icebar! We all had to don these lovely “anoraks” to enter the 23 degree bar downstairs. While down there we each had a drink which came in a cool little ice “cup”. After downing those, we sat on the little fur bench for a few minutes and enjoyed the reprieve from the heat. 

(enjoy the video)


Us @ Icebar

(Us @ Icebar)

Self explanatory picture I think. Some lady expressed to us how disgusted she was that she had to put these gross gloves on that 649 people were wearing before her…..good thought. 


Nobu again

(Nobu 2nd time around)

Back on the ship we were able to get a seat at the sushi bar for another amazing meal. We are lucky to have on board the executive chef from the Beverly Hills location who made some really yummy dishes. We actually went to the show after and saw a very funny comedian/magician. Then today he did another show where he taught us some tricks….so when we get home…watch out folks!


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  1. rick says:

    that icebar place looks like fun – freezing cold drinks huh?

  2. Mom and Dad says:

    Loved the “crown” picture. Did you get to take home the “cup” from the ice bar (just kidding).

  3. Dad says:

    You guys look real “COOL” in those outfits.
    Can’t beleive you didn’t visit the World Famous “Herring Buffet” in Nyhaven – featuring 64 different herring preparations.
    Great shots, keep them coming! Love, Dad

  4. robbie says:

    I am glad you guys are having a great time. Jeremy I need the password to your computer.

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