St. Petersburg – Day 2

On our second day in St. Petersburg, we visited two palaces. The first was Catherine Palace and the second was Peterhof


Catherine Palace is about an hour into the countryside and served as a “summer” residence. It was quite impressive! There is an Amber room in the palace that is literally made of amber. In WW2, the Nazis stole the amber panels and they were never recovered. They have since been recreated. 


Following Catherine Palace, we had lunch at a restaurant at the palace, complete with vodka shots, russian dancing and costumes you wouldn’t be caught dead in! 

Then we drove about half an hour to Peterhof. This palace was built by Peter the Great to rival Versailles in France. It lies right on the Gulf of Finland. One of the most breathtaking parts of the palace is the 300 acre fountain and statue park. The grounds consist of 150 fountains, including the largest one in the world! 




Again, this palace was occupied during WW2, but has been restored to its original state. Oh, by the way, we rented it out for next summer if anyone wants to join us. 


Video highlights coming soon!



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