Atlantic City 9/2008

Typically you know I like to show up to the airport 10 minutes before a flight. For some strange reason we decided to show up 1.5 hours early. Taking our time strolling through the airport we finally made our way to the check in area. To our surprise there was no line to check in. With no line that could only mean we would have an empty flight which would gives us plenty of space to sit on the plane. As I handed the agent our ID’s one of the agents said “honey, you ain’t making this flight” I said what are you talking about we are so early. That’s when we found our spirit airlines changed our flight time and we should have received a email confirmation back in July about it. Obviously, this wasn’t the case! Let’s just say at this point Lauren’s reaction to the situation was similar to a cross between Freddy Krugar and the Exorcist on a good day…. As usual a little begging and smiling and the next thing I knew we were sprinting across the airport trying to catch our flight. Needless to say we made the flight, well almost, we are hoping our luggage shows up on the next flight…. Bad luck out of the way, time to go win some money in AC

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