Unbelievable Experience!

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

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For Hanukkah Lauren bought me a Jeff Gordan/ Mario Andretti racing experience at the Homestead racetrack. Basically, you strap yourself into a Indy Car and race around the Homestead racetrack over 160 mph. (at least some of us did, Sorry Robbie). All I can say is the experience was one hell of an adrenaline rush! It ended up being Robbie, Jeff, Andy and I that went on the adventure. It is hard to explain the feeling you get when you drive around a track at that speed. All I can say, is the next time this is in town, you have to give it a try! Props to Jeff for having the highest top speed (167), My top speed was 164. Andy’s 161. Robbie is still finishing his laps. His top speed was 151. Here are some pics from the experience.

Gordon/Andretti Racing School /2009

See the slideshow at Flickr.com

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