Ni hao! We made it to China!

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Asia 2009

For all you loyal blog readers who are used to hearing about our run ins with the gate attendants at the airport. You are used to hearing stories about us barely making it on our flights for crazy reasons. Lets recap a few.  One time we heard "Sorry the last name on both tickets is Schneiderman , therefore Lauren can’t use the ticket." or the time we showed up to the airport and the Lady asked for the hard copy of the tickets which we never received, That was a fun one! I am happy to report that this flight went flawlessly! The flight was long, 13 hours. We spent a lot of time sleeping, watching movies, eating and sleeping more.

We finally made it to Beijing on Sunday afternoon. We left Ft. Lauderdale Saturday morning at 8:00am.  Once we arrived we headed straight to our hotel, the Shangri-La which is really nice in the middle of Beijing. We  headed straight to the room for some zzzzz.

Once we woke up from our nap, we headed downstairs to have a dinner provided by the cruise in the hotel. It was buffet style and very good. Once we were fully engorged with food, we headed back up stairs to sleep for the night.

More posts to follow soon with pictures

ps. we are 12 hours ahead of you.

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  1. Alison says:

    Am so surprised you got there without a hitch! But we were taking bets on what would happen this time!?

  2. Don’t bother coming home–Heather & Kos are in love with your pets!! Thinking of u, Cathie

  3. Carol Davis says:

    Enjoy, Enjoy, take lots of pics can’t wait to read more.

  4. Stacy Seedman says:

    Enjoy your trip! Take lots of pics!

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