The Chinese hate blogs!

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Asia 2009

Greetings! First of all, sorry about the fact that there are no pictures! Apparently the Chinese Government is very picky about blogs and it has been very difficult for us to even be able to post anything. We promise when we board the ship tomorrow we will post some great pics. Between my dad and Jeremy we probably have about 1700 pix so far so it shouldn’t be a problem! We have spent the past 2 days seeing all the sights in Beijing, including Tian’anmen Square, The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and The Great Hall of the People where we had a very nice dinner and performance. Tomorrow we are going to the Summer Palace and then we are driving toward the coast to board the Crystal Symphony. We are really looking forward to it, although we have really enjoyed Beijing. The people are wonderful and the city is very clean. Our tour guide for the past 2 days in particular has been great. We call him Terry "two times" because he says everything two times (kind of like the guy in Goodfellas). He also says yeah in between the repetitions of the words which gives him a Beavis and Butthead-like sound. We have spent about 9 hours a day with him so we are pretty much over it already…..but anyway! We passed the Birds Nest and the Water Cube from the Olympics today on our drive out to the Great Wall. The climb up was a great workout. Jeremy and I went to the left which apparently is the steeper climb…it was amazing. A LOT of people there, I guess they heard about it being a highlight also! More tomorrow…with pictures, we promise!

*Chinese word of the day: xie-xie (pronounced she-she)….means thank you!

*Trivia question of the day: What is the most abundant fast food restaurant in Beijing? Winner gets a set of chopsticks!

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  1. Chris Lubick says:

    Lauren – That steep climb must mean you are ready to bat .400 and steal 40 bases next softball season!

    It’s got to be Mcdonalds right?

  2. Calvin says:

    KFC. I want my chopsticks!

    Did you guys see my twin there?

  3. Calvin says:

    How much longer are you guys going to be out there? I might be flying out next week to Hong Kong.

    • Lauren and Jeremy says:

      Ding ding ding, you win Calvin! However, i am going to have to check the rule book on this one. You do have a slight advantage. I’ll let you know about those chopsticks.

  4. Lauren–leave it to you to establish trivia in China!! Is everyone there littler than me? Please give your parents a big hug from me! Cathie

  5. Melissa says:


  6. benjamin says:

    Mc donalds cause there is one in Tian’anmen Square

  7. Andy says:

    KFC, but only because they have not tried Popeyes.

  8. Alison says:

    KFC was my guess… But I didn’t get on here early enough! Enjoy the chopstick and I agree with Andy, but it’s really Bojangles!!! Yummy and greasy!!!

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