Dalian China – Pics

Dalian China – Pics

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Asia 2009

Our second port of call was Dalian, China. Here are some highlights!


We took a ride on an antique tram for a few blocks. We did this to see how the locals get around.


Then we had a visit to a local family’s house. They brought us in to see how they live an we also were able to cook some dumplings with them. This is the lady of the house presenting us with Chinese art that she made for us all. Note that she entertained in her pajamas…my kind of woman!


This was a photo of her son, note that they don’t wear diapers, but instead just cut a giant hole in their pants….Jeremy’s kind of outfit!


Lauren learning how to make dumplings!


Man getting a haircut on the side of the road…nice! Apparently it’s very common.


The terrifying array of fish that were in the entry way of the restaurant we had lunch in. Not a good sign!


Jeremy tasting the fish head….awesome! He’s so daring!


Quick tour of the local museum…


We took a cable car up the mountain to the Dalian Forest

We will be posting all of the highlights from Shanghai and Japan in a 3 days. The Japanese gov’t. blocks all communications from our ship. No Internet or Cellular communications 🙁

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