Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Asia 2009

After a 24 hour delay in getting to Shanghai due to fog,we finally made it to this amazing city. It looks like New York city on steroids. Shanghai has a building that’s 88 stories as well as the tallest radio tower in the world. (weird building pictured below)


Everything is very new and the architecture is amazing!

img_2432 img_2440

The first night in Shanghai we went to a Chinese acrobat show. The acrobatics were incredible!

The 2nd morning we woke up early and headed off for a full day of touring .


You see people on mopeds everywhere, you can find people carrying children, dogs, or a full family’s load of laundry for the month on the mopeds.

img_2515 img_2527

Our first stop on the tour was to take a ride on the Maglev train. This is a train that runs on magnetic force. There are no wheels, the train actually levitates in the air. This is the fastest train in the world, which reaches a top speed of 431km (268mph). The ride was incredible! When another train passes you at this speed, it is so fast you miss it if you blink.


Jeremy under the sign that shows the km/hr during the ride


Typical street in Shanghai, Jeremy bought food from this street vendor.


Our next stop was the Jewish Ghetto area in Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the only cities that would allow Jewish refugees to enter. This museum, which includes the actual synagogue, is dedicated to them.


Afterward,  we headed to a silk factory, where we learned about the process of making silk materials. They showed us all the stages that a silk worm goes through. Did you know that one silk worm produces over a mile and a half long thread of silk in each cocoon? Pretty amazing. In this picture, the woman is using a machine to extract the silk thread from the cocoon and putting it on a spool. What I thought was going to be a boring stop on the tour was actually very interesting.

After hitting a few more stops in Shanghai, we headed over to a Children’s Palace. This is where the children go to learn all different talents. Dance, singing, karate, calligraphy, ballet and many other forms of art are tought here. The children attend these at minimum of 5 days a week, many go 7 days a week.


We watched these girls perform ballet, they are so rediculously cute!


Little girl perfecting her painting techniques.

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