Our next stop – Nagasaki, Japan

Our next stop – Nagasaki, Japan

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

Topics: Asia 2009

After leaving Shanghai, China, we had a long delay due to really dense fog. The delay caused us to change our next port from Osaka to Nagasaki, Japan. Nagasaki was the site where the 2nd Atomic bomb exploded. The Japanese are very strict on who enters their country. Once the ship was docked, everyone on board had to have their temperature taken before they cleared the ship.

In Nagasaki, the first day, we took a trolley to a shopping area. The stores had all different types of goods. We saw a few women dressed like Gaishas’s walking around. Otherwise, nothing too exciting except the interesting vending machines.

The 2nd day, we headed to the area where the Atomic bomb exploded. The have a memorial set up at the actual spot the bomb fell. It was a very moving experience to be there. To just imagine what happened was quite unbelievable. We also went to the museum which talked about the history of Nagasaki, and all the experiences the people went through. They had tons of artifacts that were collected from the area after the bomb exploded. It was a very overwhelming.

Here are some pics:


Covered shopping area in Nagasaki


The only thing we found that looked Japanese


Trolley we took around town


Site where the Atomic Bomb landed


Leaving Nagasaki, on to Hong Kong

Video Highlights from Nagasaki, Japan

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  1. margo rosenfeld says:

    I absolutely loved it!!!! Can we do it again?! You both are so clever, I just can’t stand it! How adorable are the two of you!!!!
    Love, Margo
    PS – Wait till I tell everybody…..Fred is going to be hysterical about the Scrabble!

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