“I need a vacation” – This could not be any more true!

“I need a vacation” – This could not be any more true!

For those of you that didn’t hear, it was almost as if my cruise started a day early. At least the part about being on water for the next couple of weeks did. For a full explanation….Watch the following video

Thanks to the crazy rainstorm we had,  you can imagine that heading on a vacation with this going on was a bit unnerving!  On to the good stuff..

The flight to Buenos Aires was 9 hours.  Fortunately, Lauren and I both slept the entire flight. We were lucky enough to have an empty seat next to us so we (Lauren) could lie down. Once we made it to Buenos Aires, we jumped into a taxi with our 6 giant pieces of luggage and Jeremy’s backpack that weighed 30lbs. After all this traveling you would think we would know how to pack a bit more efficiently.

View from hotel

View from the hotel room

Once at the hotel, we decided to take a short nap because I guess 8 hours sleeping on a plane really isn’t that satisfying. When we woke up in the early afternoon, there was a monsoon going on outside. We thought we were back in Aventura. It made us feel less guilty about just wanting to stay in bed and sleep! We did wake up from our siesta (when in Rome….) with plenty of time to head to dinner and a tango show (see below). It was really a fun experience…although perhaps not the best food.


This is the following day at a great little local restaurant El Cuartito that was famous for it’s pizza and empanadas. They were delicious, even Jeremy dug in. We toured a couple different parts of the city…it’s very large, the 9th largest in the world.


This is Cementerio de la Recoleta which is a very old, famous cemetery consisting of more than 6,400 elaborate tombs and mausoleums. The most famous “resident” here is Eva Peron (Evita), who is buried in her family vault. Needless to say, her vault had the most visitors (and flowers)! There are also hundreds of cats (alive) that call the cemetery home. There are women that come every am and pm to feed them. They were all very friendly and made us miss Ralphers Ralfers very much :O(


Eva Peron

Eva Peron’s tomb


This picture was taken at an open air market called Calle Museo Caminito in an area called La Boca…a bit touristy, but very loud and colorful.

Goodbye Buenos Aires

Finally after a long day of exploring, we are back on our home away from home. We boarded the Crystal Symphony in late afternoon. Here we are sailing away from Buenos Aires and on our way due east across the river to Montevideo, Uraguay. We are very excited for our next 15 days at sea. We’ll keep you updated!!

Video highlights coming soon!

Buenos Aires 73.4 °F

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  1. margo says:

    Bon Voyage! Have a grand time! Wish we were there with you, and not here in 2 feet of snow!
    Love, Fred & Margo

  2. Teresa Moran says:

    Oh my gosh Jeremy! SO sorry about your office flood but it looks like you and Lauren are having a great time! Keep us updated, I’m DYING to see what Antartica looks like!

  3. "Mom and Dad" says:

    We’re happy all’s well. Ralphers is just fine (and fat). Eating up a storm. He misses you also. We really shouldn’t take sides on scrabble – so daddy votes for J and mom voted for L. Anxious to see next installment. Miss you.

  4. Ralphers Ralfers says:

    I miss you guys….come home!!! This is a CATastrophe!

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