Day 2 in Thailand – Temples & Buddhas

Day 2 in Thailand – Temples & Buddhas

Written by Lauren and Jeremy

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So day one was in the books, we were able to get our shopping fix in. Day two’s goal was to see some of the history of Bangkok. We started out the day with an amazing breakfast at the hotel along the river. Once we filled the bellies it was off to be tourists. We hired a private boat to take us along the river to different sights.

That’s our driver – Mr Tiung

We started the river tour going through some small canals to see some of the locals homes and their way of life.  Along the way we saw an assortment of temples with Monks walking around. Here are a few pics of what we saw

Along the way we came across these women in boats that sell their crafts

Lauren couldn’t resist

Here she is wearing her new hat that doubles as a fan.

As we were cruising down the river Jeremy spotted a snake farm which he couldn’t resist to visit. Lauren was a trooper and said “yes” to her husband. So we pulled the boat up and checked it out. It was kind of like a zoo. They had tigers, bears, tons of snakes and a bunch of monkeys. We bought some lettuce to feed to the animals. They all enjoyed it! The main event was a snake show. The keepers handle all different types of poisonous snakes.

Lets just say we didn’t have to argue over who held the snake!

Those are cobras – very poisonous

Weirdest bird we have ever seen. Look at the colors and those feet!

After the snake farm, we got back in the boat and headed to see some temples. The first temple we saw was Wat Arun, which is the temple of the dawn. The detail in the temple was spectacular. The mosaics are made from broken pieces of Chinese porcelain. The center building (called a prang) is 282 feet tall.

Check out the detail

After finishing touring Wat Arun, we got back in our boat and headed to the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s oldest and largest temple.

The main attraction here is Wat  Phra Kaew, Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Emerald Buddha is Thailands most sacred of all. It was carved from a single piece of Jade.

Emerald Buddha

Weren’t sure if this was for good luck or just because it was hot out, but everyone was doing it. You dunked the flower in the bowl of water and then dripped it on your head.  After the Grand Palace our last Temple stop was Wat Po, famous for its Giant Reclining Buddha.

The Reclining Buddha is 150 feet long.

Once we completed temple gazing, it was time to jump in a taxi and head to the place that Thailand is most famous for – The Spa! We went to a place called Health Land. Before we went into the spa, we tried out some of the street food, which happened to be very good, just not 100% sure what we ate.

Jeremy ordering some street food.

Now we were ready to check out the spa. Health Land was a state of the art, 7 story facility. We each booked a 2 hour Thai massage for $15 each. How ridiculous! The massage was outstanding. After the massages it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. The plan was to hop on a boat to the train and take the train to meet Alan Dresner for some authentic Thai food. Well after 9 dishes and 3 deserts, we can now say we had a true taste for some amazing Thai food!

After dinner there was only one thing left to check out and that’s one of Bangkok’s red light districts.

Since Jeremy had no interest in seeing what goes on, we only stayed for a minute 🙂

With that, Day 2 came to an end. That was it for Bangkok. Next stop – Chiang Rai

Video highlights coming soon

Bangkok 91.4 °F

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