Blood Sweat and Gears – 100 Miles, 13K feet of climbing

Blood Sweat and Gears – 100 Miles, 13K feet of climbing

As some of you know, about 6 months ago, Jeremy decided to register for one of the toughest one day bike races in the United States. The race is located near Boone, North Carolina. So Lauren and Jeremy packed up the SUV and headed to North Carolina for the week.  Lauren had her goal – Finish a 1000 piece puzzle and Jeremy had his – Finish the race.

First off, let me tell you about this little race. It covers 100 miles and has 13,000 feet of climbing. With some of the climbs reaching a 20% incline. Some of the climbs are 5 miles long. Lets just say living in Miami isn’t the best way to prepare for the race. Since we arrived in NC a week early, Jeremy had a couple chances to practice his climbing skills. Lets just say the practice session were rough and they were only 30 miles and 1500 feet of climbing. By the time Thursday came around, Jeremy’s confidence in finishing the ride were at an all time low! In fact he was so nervous about the ride he barely slept the last couple nights before the race.

Race day rolled around and it was time to give it a go. With great support from all his family and friends, finishing was the only option!

At the Start – Full of confidence

So the first 20 miles of the ride were, at the time, what I thought was going to be the toughest part of the race. Basically had to get to 3500 feet in 2 climbs with barely any rest. Along the way I had some deer literally running next to for a few 100 feet. That was awesome!

Taken at mile 20 on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains

By this time, confidence was high and the legs felt great. The next  25 miles went pretty well. I got a lot of phone calls which was great, helped me keep my spirits high and kept my mind off the pain I was starting to feel. By mile 50 I realize the Iphone app that was sending out my updates to some of you was chewing up my battery. So I had to decide to either keep you updated or enjoy the music on my phone. The music kept me going. Sorry guys!

From mile 50 to mile 80, the torture continued. With many more climbs accomplished my legs were starting to feel tired. Speaking of climbs, at mile 58 we had one of the hardest climbs of the day up snake pass. Basically this was a 5 mile climb up the mountain with the last 1000 feet being 20% steep (basically straight up!) . It literally took everything I had to get up this peak. You don’t know what a horrible feeling it is to ride up a mountain go around the corner and see on the road continue to go up the mountain.  My heart rate was locked in at 175, my legs were burning in pain.  People were walking their bikes up. It took a ton of pride not to jump off the bike and join them. The last 1000 feet of this climb I was doing about 4 mph… you could walk up faster.

At mile 80, I was surprised by Lauren. She drove and met me on the road. This boosted my spirit!

As I approached her car @ mile 80

After a quick stop to say hi, it was time to finish this ride.

Mile 80 – 98 – Agony! More climbs, the weather was 95 degrees, and every part of my body was aching!

Mile 98 (race was just over 100 miles). By now I knew my goal of finishing was within a few miles. The pain I was feeling was being drowned out by my excitement of finishing the race and then as I turn a corner I see another huge steep climb. I couldn’t believe it!  They have the nerve to put another really steep climb at mile 98! So I had no choice. This climb ended up being the physically and mentally hardest climb of the day. The pain I was in was ridiculous. The climb felt like it took forever.  There were a bunch of people cheering along the side of the road which kept me going. When I reached the peak I knew I only had one last descent and the finish line would be in sight. As I approached the finishing area all the pain left my body for that last few minutes. I was overwhelmed with joy, I actually had some tears! It was an amazing ride!

7:27:36 Official time!

100 miles!

I learned a lot about myself along the ride, I learned you can really push the human body way beyond what you though was possible. If I didn’t have all the support from everyone I would have quit the ride by mile 50! I have great friends and family!  It is really great to set a high goal for yourself and accomplish it. It really makes you feel like you are living!

Go get living!

ps… Lauren finished her puzzle!

Click here to view larger map – More details of the ride

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  1. Kyle says:

    Wow!! Its cool that you finished the race. It is really long!

  2. Howie says:

    Really, really, really awesome job! Makes the MS(75 mile)we did look like child’s play. Ok, next year, I’ll be right there with you and the deer. Awesome!

  3. Jeffro says:

    Proud of you Bro!!! Glad to see you accomplished what you trained and went there for. Great job on the puzzle Lauren. I’m sure your exhausted 🙂

  4. Claudia says:

    WOW. You are the man! I’m so proud of you!!

  5. And to think I just saw you at lunch last week–must have given you the incentive you needed to finish! Congrats on rising to the challenge!!

  6. Nadia Peshimam says:

    Wow!! Congrats!!

  7. Gene + Joan says:

    OMG! We’re sitting here on your fav cruise line, in San Marino/Ravenna, Italy and just read your BLOG on this wonderful achievement. Actually feeling very proud of our son-in-law. What dedication, drive, and stamina – we knew “yu-can-doo-il” and Lauren could too. Sorry we couldn,t be there to support you. Love to you both, Mom + Dad.

  8. Margo Rosenfeld says:

    I had no idea about this event in your lives. Needless to say, I am not surprised! Heartiest congratulations on a job well done! What an amazing feeling of accomplishment that must be. We should hire you out as motivational speakers! Lauren you’re included for your part, as well! As always with love,
    Moi & Fred

  9. Moss says:

    What an unbelievable accomplishment! Completley inspiring! I cant even fathom the focus in order to complete something so challenging. Needless to say, Lauren I am so proud of you for finishing a 1000 piece puzzle!

    Oh and Jerry, good job with the race.

  10. Kelly McEwen says:

    So inspiring! I feel guilty for sitting on the couch right now. Congrats!!!! I read it to Casey and she is so proud of her dad!!!

  11. Stacy and Justin Seedman says:

    Way to go, Jeremy! You are amazing! 🙂

  12. Harold says:

    Great Job

  13. Craig says:

    Congrats on finishing the 100. I have done that one a few years ago but stick to the slightly less evil 50 miler. Crossing the line in Valle Crucis is a big accomplishment!!

  14. Lubick says:

    HIIYYOOO! Congrats! Now if you could just bike the 12 meezly miles to check out our new place….

  15. Jennifer Kaire says:

    You made it up Snake Mtn. and finished BSG, a HUGE accomplishment. I guess you have my husband to thank (or not!!) We look forward to seeing you guys again next year for BSG! and Lauren you will have to ride with me and watch Jeremy climb Snake!

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